Dear friends, welcome on Russian peatland web-site.

There is a number of web resources, magazines, publications about peatlands in the world. But they are not available for non-English speaking population of Russia. That is why the first goal of our web-site is to provide access to all over world peatland information for Russians. The second goal is to promote networking of interested in peatlands people within and outside Russia. And the third goal was to deliver information about Russian peatlands to the international community. We are currently in the first phase of our long way and we have started with Russian part. So we ask our friends abroad to forgive us that the English part of our web-site is still less developed than the Russian one. At the moment the most full part available in English is "Publications" - please have a look for some useful information. We hope to go ahead soon. We appreciate your requests and advise on the content of our English part.

NEW: A field seminar-excursion took place on 7-11 October 2004, in Republic of Belarus.


Website was developed within Global Peatland Initiative project (GPI) with financial support of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Netherlands.